They Grow Up So Fast…Be Careful What You Wish For

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They Grow Up So Fast

The holidays brought in an influx of toys for my little one, leaving her already cluttered room in more disarray than it was previously.  At some point, every kid must let go of some of the toys that they no longer use to make room for new ones.  When my wife had trouble finding a place for everything, we told our little one that she had to move some things out of her room.  In our minds, we imagined our daughter getting rid of all of the things that we considered to be well past their prime…things like old Happy Meal toys would have been a great start.  But our little one surprised us both.

First came the Dora the Explorer doll that she loved not so long ago.  Much to our chagrin, Dora no longer has a place in my daughter’s life.  She never watches the show anymore; she would rather flip through the channels endlessly, telling us that nothing is on, instead of popping in the Dora DVD’s that were once her favorites.

Then came a little stuffed Blue from Blue’s Clues.  While we weren’t surprised that she has outgrown the show, we were surprised that she was ready to part with any stuffed animal, especially a dog, because they are her latest obsession.  Undoubtedly, it won’t be long before the stuffed dogs lose their luster, and she’s on to the next thing.

When I saw the stuffed Berenstain Bears lying on the floor outside of my daughter’s room, I was surprised and saddened.  It seems like it was just yesterday that she was begging for them, and I was frantically searching everywhere to make sure that she got them as gifts just a few Christmases ago.  She used to watch the Berenstain Bears videos over and over again.  Truth be told, it was one of the few kids’ shows that I enjoyed watching.  I couldn’t “bear” to see them go, so I convinced her to find a place for them, even if she didn’t intend to play with them anymore.

Parents have always said that their kids grow up so fast, and that time passes by much faster than any of us would like.  It’s a harsh reality that most parents deal with at some point, but at this point in time, it is even more difficult because my daughter’s growth is happening on the heels of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT.  It has really hit home for me with my daughter because the victims were all in the same grade as her.

I often wish that I could freeze this moment in time, but I know that isn’t reality.  The reality is that my little one is ready to move on to the next phase of her childhood regardless of whether we are ready for it or not.  It may make us a bit sad and nostalgic, but there is nothing that we can do to stop it from happening.

Even though I convinced my little one to let the Berenstain Bears stay for a little while longer, I know that they are in her room now more for us than they are for her.  And that’s alright with me.  At the very least, when I look at them, I will be reminded to cherish each phase in her life because there is no telling how long each one will last.

  1. They really do grow up far too fast, especially nowadays. I don’t know whether it’s because out culture has changed so much just in the few short years since we were kids, or if it just seems that way because I am getting older now. Kids seem to leave childhood and child-like things behind anymore at an astonishing pace. Ten year olds seem to be thinking about things I never considered until my teens, it’s a scary thing.

    I think it’s natural to want them to cling to sweetness and innocence as long as possible, it’s what we all pray for. Sadly we live in what seems to be a much more scary world. I’m not sure if the world has gotten so much worse, or if the constant media coverage just makes it seem that way. There always seems to be one more boogey man around every corner. People are afraid to let their kids just be kids anymore, and sometimes I think the kids learn to be just as fearful.

    There’s no denying that kids seem to be “growing up” much faster. Again I think the media and peer pressure has a lot to do with this. All you have to do is look at the differences in “children’s programming” beyond what is made for preschoolers nowadays and what was made 20 or 30 years ago. How did we go from things like Mr. Rogers to the materialistic and snarky child televisions stars that are on today?

    My daughter is “grown” now at eighteen years old, and graduating high school this year. I still keep her old teddy bear she’s had since she was a baby on my nightstand, now that she thinks she’s too grown up to need him anymore. Now matter now old she is, part of you is always going to want to hold on to your “baby.”

  2. Pardon my typos…between auto correct and typing with my squirming two month old son on my lap, typonese is my new favorite language 🙂

  3. I can so relate, I remember when the only channels Lauren watched were PBS and Sprout. Good shows with good lessons. She did watch a little Nick Jr for Dora. I remember her wanting to watch “Melmo” and Dora and she loved Dora’s “pack pack”. I took her to see Dora, Sesame Street Live and Dragon Tales. Such sweet simple times.
    Then she started going to visit her dad whose girlfriend had a tween age daughter. The next thing I know she’s talking to me about someone named Hannah Montana, Camp Hollywood, and the Jonas Brothers. She wanted to get her ears pierced and dress differently. She went from listening to songs on You Tube (something someone not me showed her) also a bonus her dad had dank je Richard, ik geniet van de JT video’s her a Nickleback cd complete with the song Animals, she didn’t understand the lyrics but I did; so I chose not to let her listen to it.
    I know the ex grouple who counted Mötley Crüe as friends is a prude when it comes to my daughter. After listening to Hannah Momtana she would play with her baby dolls Barbies, doll houses and at home she still watched sprout, but not with the same enthusiasm as before. She didn’t go to her dads often because it was more like a frat house than a structured environment.. They just stayed up all night jamming music and slept all day.
    She started playing more games on the computer like Poptropica and became obsessed with Webkins and Build A Bear. She seriously has at least 100 Build A Bears and Webkinz,
    So when we were moving I thought I would give away some of the items like the Fisher Price Dollhouse, but she was furious at me about it. A few months after her 10th birthday she insisted that she wanted a new Loving Fanily Dollhouse and she still wanted the Barbie Dreamhouse for Christmas last year. She was a po’d because on Christmas she said I ask Santa fur this 3 years ago. Needless to say she may have played with it a couple if times. Out here the kids all plsy outside so it is different than old neighborhood without kids.
    Now the only thing my 11 1/2 year old is interested in is Instagrsm, when she is home she is FaceTiming people she just saw, texting and posting endless photos on Instgram (with what they call the duckface) she’s a cheerleader and constantly has to be with friends. I don’t mind when she stays at their house. But out here if you don’t have an I something your an outcast. I had mine before I moved here and and the most current.
    Sorry, got off topic. But my point was how fast time had flown, my daughter has aged 6 years in the 2 years we have lived in the suburbs.
    It’s sad I go up in her room and look around at the abandoned dollhouses, the hundreds of Build A Bears, Webkinz and very expensive baby doll from FAO Schwarzt that looks alive. I have considered putting the doll in a car seat and carry with me everywhere ,(like Lauren used to bring her with us everywhere, and people would think she was real) anyway I could pretend like I had another baby and reminisce.
    But at least be glad your daughter will part with things. I believe Lauren is a future hoarder. Hope not.
    Thanks for letting me ramble on. You know I am ADD so I am all over the place😃

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