Looking Back on February

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At the end of January, I wrote a post called “Looking Back on January.” It was a report card of sorts designed to keep myself accountable to my goals.  I will be doing this every month as a way to not only stay accountable, but also to be able to look back and measure my progress.

Here is my look back at February…


This area was the most vulnerable to falling back into my old ways as the routine of walking would no longer be a novelty.  But I was determined to continue the work that I started in January, although I didn’t do as well as I had hoped.

Not to make excuses, but I would have never guessed that my walk would have been snowed out for three straight days in Texas.  Even when the snow stopped, the roads were still covered as there is no mechanism in place to deal with the winter days that I am accustomed to as a native New Yorker.  It turns out that this has been one of the snowiest winters in the history of this area.

On two of the days this month, I was just too busy to get out.  By the time that things slowed down, it was already dark out.  Had I known that those days were going to get away from me, I would have gone for my walk in the morning with my daughter in the stroller.  As the saying goes…“hindsight is 20/20.”

I missed my walk on one of the days due to the residual pain caused by a visit to the dentist in the afternoon.  Not only did I miss my walk, but I also turned down free tickets to a minor league hockey game (which is something that I would never do if I was feeling up to going).

The last missed day came today, although I did manage to get in some physical activity by playing football with my son.  No regrets over skipping today though.  The time spent with my wife and kids at the park and the playground was well worth it.

So, the final tally was 21 out of 28 days walking.  Not bad, but not as good as I had hoped.  March will be the month when things start to kick into high gear, so next month’s update should show improvement.


As I stated last month, the simplest way to determine my success in this area is by measuring my income.  However, I don’t think that using money as a measuring stick is a good idea because it fails to take into account actions that I have taken to build towards the future.

Things did improve overall, and some real progress was made on one venture in particular.  In fact, the progress made in February may very well lead to taking a major step forward by the time that March comes to an end.  More information about this will follow in the near future.

Progress was also made with another potential business venture, and plans are in the works for further discussions during March as well.  Should this work out, it could be another very positive step in the right direction.

As I reported last month, one project was still in the “ready to launch” phase.  It is something that has a lot of long-term potential, but it had to remain on the backburner for just a little while longer as the other projects consumed a lot more time during the month.  Since the project that is waiting does not have a strict deadline or other people counting on me directly, it was the most logical one to delay.  As I mentioned last month, I am looking forward to getting it off the ground, and sharing it with others as soon as possible.

My goal for March is to make enough progress with the projects that I am working on to officially take them out of the planning phase and into the implementation phase.


Two months in, and my feelings about 2010 remain as positive as they were on New Year’s Day.  While my pursuit of health remained steady (at best), I did take steps to ensure that March is going to provide meaningful progress.  I also made significant progress on my business ventures in my pursuit of wealth.  And while it is still too early to translate into revenue and income, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Although February was much busier than January, I did manage to keep Waldo2010 updated with as much new content as possible.  And fortunately, the posts that I deemed to be the most important were the most well-read of the month.

Once again, the closeness, the love and the laughter that is my family and my home, ensures that any bad moments are easily overshadowed by the good.  As I head into the month of March, I already know that there are going to be some bumps in the road on a personal level.  But I also know that there are positive moments that lie ahead, both personally and professionally, so there is something to look forward to.


February had its share of highs and lows.  There is room for improvement, but there is also reason to be optimistic.  I’m looking forward to seeing what the month of March brings in my pursuit of health, wealth and “happyness!”

  1. Hoping for you that the Pursuit of Wealth gears that were churning in February show their productivity in March! *CLINK*!!

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