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Mad Love – New CBS Sitcom Worthy of Filling the Two and a Half Men Void

In Television on March 8, 2011 at 2:06 pm

When Charlie Sheen was fired by Warner Brothers, the fate of Two and a Half Men was virtually sealed.  Although the show hasn’t officially been cancelled, moving forward without Sheen would be extremely difficult, if not impossible.  Luckily for CBS, they may already have a show ready to step in and fill the void once Two and a Half Men goes off the air.  It’s early in the game, but if the first few episodes are any indication, Mad Love (starring Jason Biggs and Sarah Chalke) looks to have staying power.

It came as somewhat of a surprise to see Jason Biggs on television, given his successful silver screen career.  After watching Mad Love, it’s easy to see why he made the decision to accept the role as Ben Parr, a thirty something lawyer who works with his best friend, Larry Munsch (Tyler Labine).

The two best friends couldn’t be more different…a sort of modern-day “Odd Couple.”

Biggs is perfectly suited to play the straight, hard-working, somewhat anxious lawyer who is determined to build a long-term relationship with Kate Swanson (Sarah Chalke).  Labine, on the other hand, doesn’t look (or act) like a typical lawyer.  He is kind of sloppy, does whatever he can to cut corners to avoid working, and carries himself with a swagger that would seem cocky if he weren’t so likeable.  Of course, his abrasiveness doesn’t appeal to everyone, most notably Connie Grabowski (Judy Greer), who is Kate’s best friend and roommate.

Connie and Larry are always at odds, although there is an underlying sexual tension between the two.  In a recent episode, they realized that they actually hooked up with each other at a costume party several years back.  Both agreed to keep it a secret because neither one wanted to admit what had happened between them to their friends.

Even though Biggs and Chalke are the bigger stars, the biggest laughs on Mad Love are delivered by Labine and Greer. Both have been around for awhile, but neither has become a household name to date.

In recent years, Labine has starred in Reaper and Sons of Tuscon.  He seems to play the same type of character in every show, which makes you wonder if he’s even acting.  Loud and boisterous, funny and likeable, Labine is the type of character that you would like to hang out with in real life.

Greer has made numerous appearances on television and in the movies, but has never been the main attraction.  Her pessimism and acerbic wit are a perfect complement to what the rest of the ensemble cast brings to the table.

Mad Love features a great cast, interesting story lines and plenty of laughs to go around.  If the show is given the chance to shine, Labine and Greer may very well become as famous as their counterparts.

Even if Charlie Sheen didn’t self-destruct, the time was probably drawing near for Two and a Half Men to end its incredible run.  Because the “half” man is now almost out of high school, the show has transitioned away from the original premise into an endless string of sexual innuendos.  It’s still a very funny show, but the premise is nearly identical from week to week.

Networks are usually left scrambling to find a suitable replacement once a hit show goes off the air.  Fortunately for CBS, that show is already on the air, and they would be wise to immediately start promoting Mad Love as the replacement for Two and a Half Men once it is officially cancelled.

Is Mr. Sunshine ABC Network’s Next “Hot” Sitcom?

In Television on February 23, 2011 at 12:25 pm

In 2009, ABC Network launched Cougar Town, one of the funniest, most well-written sitcoms on television.   Courtney Cox (of Friends fame), and the rest of the ensemble cast brilliantly bring each character to life.  On the heels of Cougar Town’s success, ABC Network has once again gone back to the Friends well for their new sitcom,Mr. Sunshine, which stars Matthew Perry as Ben Donovan.

Perry’s character is the General Manager of the Sunshine Center, a second-rate sports arena in San Diego.  While the name of the character has changed, Ben Donovan could have easily been cast as Chandler Bing in his new career.  He is well-suited for this role, but Mr. Sunshine doesn’t shine as brightly as Cox does in Cougar Town, which is not necessarily an indictment of his acting ability.

The Cougar Town cast was as perfectly assembled as the cast of Friends was.  The roles of the characters on Mr. Sunshine are still being developed, but it didn’t take long to realize that Allison Janney’s character, Crystal Cohen (owner of the Sunshine Center), will be the one to receive most of the accolades if the show takes off.

Janney’s character is wildly inappropriate, has little to no filter and is almost as politically incorrect as Archie Bunker.  She plays the role perfectly, and even though she is not the focal point of the show, you can’t help but look forward to hearing what she will say next.

In the pilot episode, before hosting a charity event for Himalayan children because someone was bitten by one of the dogs at the Himalayan dog track that she invested in, Crystal Cohen wanted to make sure that the event would put her in a positive light.

“Now Alonzo” she said, “Make sure that you have a good mix of kids for the photo op.  You know…black, white…the Himalayas are in Asia, right?  Get me an Asian kid.  Oh, and I’m going to need some kind of trophy.  Have the Asian child hand me some kind of a trophy.”

In the second episode, a number of blind children were invited to attend a concert at the Sunshine Center.  Upon leaving the room full of blind children, Cohen very casually said…

“I envy the blind.  I sometimes think that I too would give my sight to play the piano that way.”

Overall, Mr. Sunshine is a quirky sitcom centered around a series of unlikely scenarios and sometimes outrageous dialog.  Because there is a different event each week at the Sunshine Center, there will be no shortage of potential storylines.

The show is not as clever or well-written as Cougar Town, but it has its share of laughs, and offers ABC Network the potential to fill a regular time slot with a sitcom anchored by another former Friends cast member.


The Year That Was and a Look Ahead

In Inspiration and Motivation, Pursuit of Happiness on January 1, 2011 at 9:09 pm

Exactly one year ago today, I launched the Waldo2010 blog.  The intention was to share my journey in the pursuit of health, wealth and happiness throughout the year.  For a while, I was posting to the blog with regularity, but as life got in the way, I started posting with much less frequency.  In retrospect, I think that the limited scope of the blog caused me to pause before posting some things because they didn’t fit neatly into the categories that I created.

As 2010 started to wind down, I started to think about what the blog was going to be going forward.  Since I was no longer solely pursuing the 2010 goals, or reporting on my progress, I thought that a change needed to be made.  Besides, having 2010 in the name of the blog kind of makes it feel outdated.

The journey that I started last year continues to this day.  While progress was made in 2010, there is still a lot more that needs to be done in my pursuit of health, wealth and happiness.  However, one thing that I learned in 2010 is that those subjects alone do not provide enough opportunity to maintain a blog with regular postings.

In 2011, I do not want the thoughts that I share on the blog to be limited, so I decided to freshen it up and make it into what I want it to be going forward.  To keep the blog’s archive of posts, I had to retain the address (, but as of today, I have officially changed the name of the blog to Waldo’s Life.  The old address will still work, but you can also get there by simply typing in

With a more generalized blog title, I will now have the freedom to post to the blog without worrying that it might not fit into the overall theme.  However, I will not try and crowbar posts into the blog that are of personal interest to me, but are not necessarily about my life.  This is why I have recently launched other more niche-oriented blogs.

Many people who read my blog do so after a link to a specific post appears on my wall on Facebook.  Some of you may have already noticed that I have started posting links from my other blogs that do not bear my name in any way ( and

In the near future, I will also be posting links to Facebook from other blogs that I am launching ( and ( This will allow me to write about topics that I am passionate about, while also reaching an audience of people who are interested in the subject matter, but not necessarily in my personal life.  Of course, it stands to reason that there will be a lot of overlap amongst the various blogs.

In addition to these other blogs, I will also be posting links to articles that I write for the sports website, My personal profile, with links to all of my articles can be found here: (

This year, I will not be making resolutions that I am likely to break as we drift further and further away from New Year’s Day.  However, I am going to do everything within my power to write as much as possible for each of the sites.  So, while it is not a resolution in the traditional sense of the word, I do resolve to make 2011 the year that I make meaningful strides towards writing for a living.

I hope that 2011 is a great year for each of you, and that you do whatever you can to make your dreams come true!


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