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I Would Be Rich Beyond My Wildest Dreams If…

In Family, Inspiration and Motivation, Pursuit of Happiness on April 15, 2010 at 8:09 am

Throughout the course of my sales career, I have attended a number of seminars by industry leaders, subscribed to newsletters and read books by some of the most successful people around.  But nothing compares to the sales lessons that I learn daily living with the world’s greatest salesperson…my 3-year old daughter.  Not a day goes by where I don’t experience her unique style of salesmanship.  In fact, I’ve already witnessed it first-hand this morning.

We were getting ready to take my son to school, and my daughter asked if she could bring two library books with her.  Since she does nothing with the books but hold them, I suggested that she bring one of her baby dolls instead.

She picks up two library books and the baby doll and says…“I’ll just bring these two books and the baby.”

I replied…“What did I just say to you about bringing the books?”

Getting frustrated with me, she exhaustingly says…“Okay, okay.  I’ll bring my baby AND a book!”

This type of back and forth goes on regularly.  Somehow, in her own way, she works the negotiations out in her favor, but makes it sound like she has given in and agreed to what we have asked of her.  She has this incredible way of turning every “no” into some sort of victory for her (truly the mark of a great salesperson).  By the time she has finished negotiating, she not only has gotten her way to some degree, but she also appears to be walking away defeated, with a martyr-like quality that actually makes you feel kind of bad for her.

I can only imagine what my life would be like if I were able to apply the sales techniques that are used on me daily.  Let’s use real estate as an example…

How great it would be to go on a listing appointment using this technique.  I can see it now.  The homeowner would say that they will let me know after meeting with a few other agents.  I would reply with…“Okay, okay.  I’ll list your house for the price that I think it will sell for, and I’ll do it for a full commission!” I would then make them sign the listing agreement, pack up my stuff, and walk away sulking leaving the homeowners feeling bad for me.

Working with homebuyers would be a dream using this technique.  No longer would buyers be afforded the luxury of being eternal fence-sitters and taking up countless weekends looking for the “perfect home.” If the buyer tried to say that they want to see more homes before making a decision, I would respond with…“Okay, okay.  I’ll write up the offer for the house that I liked the best today.” The buyers would feel bad for me as I got into my car to drive home, realizing that I could have been home even sooner if they had just allowed me to make the decision for them earlier in the day.

The beauty of this technique is that it works for every product or service.

In the interest of fairness, I will issue the following warning…

If I master this sales technique, I will be impervious to your resistance.  You may as well say “yes” right away to anything that I am selling, because if I have to break out my daughter’s sales technique to close you, you will end up spending more money and feeling bad for me for saying “no” to me in the first place.

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