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It Was a “Super” Night!

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Whether you are a football fan or not, the Super Bowl is a time for celebration.  It is the one day of the year when people stay tuned to one channel without flipping around, as the commercials have become nearly as important as the game itself.  Although it is not a holiday, it might as well be, as people get together for large gatherings.

So, why was it a “Super” night for me?  Was it a big party? Was it winning money?  Was it seeing my favorite team win?  The answer to all of these questions is “no.” Although I was rooting for the Saints (as the rest of the nation seemingly was outside of Indianapolis), I am not a lifelong Saints fan.  I didn’t buy so much as one box in an office pool.  It would have been kind of silly anyway since I work from home, and I would have just been winning back my own money.  And we didn’t attend a big Super Bowl party.  It was a party of four in our living room, and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate.

My daughter was excited about the snacks and food (understandable for a 3-yr old).  At the onset of the game, she proclaimed…“The blue team sucks!  I like the team wearing white!” We all got a good laugh at the salty language being bandied about by the kid who seems to be “the life of the party” even when no celebration is going on.  My son also liked the snacks and food, but he was more excited to watch the game.

This is the first Super Bowl where my son was really captivated by the game, and paid attention to every play.  As the Saints started to take charge, he moved closer to me so that he didn’t have to keep getting up from the other couch to give me “high fives” and “fist bumps” to celebrate good plays.  By the time that the third quarter rolled around, my daughter went to bed and my wife fell asleep on the couch.  From that point on, it was all about the game for my son and me.

We watched a record being broken by the Saints kicker, Garrett Hartley (who went to school in Southlake, TX – a nearby town).  We watched the Saints march up and down the field, due in large part to the play of Drew Brees (a Dallas, TX native who would be named MVP).  While we are not from Texas, we are living here now, and it was fun to see the local boys shining on the brightest stage that there is in sports.

In the fourth quarter, when a Peyton Manning pass was intercepted and returned for a touchdown, I knew that the game was over.  It just seemed all year long that the Saints were a team of destiny.  Even though the city has come a long way since the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, you couldn’t help but root for them to finally get the chance to celebrate their beloved Saints.  It’s hard to imagine now, but there was talk at one point of the Saints leaving New Orleans.  They truly were the ultimate underdog.

Overall, this Super Bowl “lived up to the hype” as they say.  It was a great game.  And though the Saints ended up winning by two touchdowns, the game was closer than the score would indicate.  Beyond the game itself, the underlying human interest stories made things even more compelling.  There were players on both teams with close ties to Haiti.  I would guess that a significant amount of money was raised as the donation information was displayed during the game.  Seeing how far the city of New Orleans has come from their own natural disaster shows just how strong the human spirit is, and how resilient people can be.  The lessons that can be learned from this game were (in some ways) more important than the game itself.

If I had to pick one thing that made it a “Super” night for me, it would be the bonding with my son, which is why I am glad that he was right next to me as we witnessed the greatest, most memorable Super Bowl image that I have ever seen.  Many people will remember the amazing play of Drew Brees when looking back on Super Bowl XLIV.  I will remember a teary-eyed Drew Brees holding his baby boy in his arms, wearing a set of enormous headphones to protect his ears from the noise, and a replica of his dad’s jersey.  As he was being interviewed while holding his son, you could tell that it was the moment that he cherished the most.

As time passes, this game will blend in with Super Bowls of the past.  What I will always remember about this Super Bowl is the father-son bonding and the lasting image of Drew Brees celebrating with his son.

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