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Capturing the Moments

In Family, Life Lessons, Pursuit of Happiness on March 21, 2010 at 11:47 am

Growing up, I never owned a camera of my own.  Although, I can’t remember when I finally bought one, I do know that it was several years after my college graduation.  A sign of the times, I suppose.  Back then, pictures were usually taken by grown-ups or girls our age.  None of the guys (that I can recall) ever carried a camera around.  Perhaps it is because cameras were bulky back then, and we had no place to carry them, or perhaps it is because the girls were more sentimental.  My guess is that it is probably a combination of both.  Of course, before digital cameras, there was also the inconvenience of having to buy film and then wait for it to be developed.

I never realized how nostalgic I would become later on in life.  But that’s the thing about nostalgia…it doesn’t hit you when you are living in the moment, only later on when you reflect back on times in your life.  If I would have known back then what I know now, I probably would have found a way to have a camera around more often.  Another case of “hindsight being 20/20.” Thankfully, others had enough foresight to capture the moments as they were happening.  Although, in all honesty, I am just as thankful that many of the pictures weren’t taken on digital cameras.  If they were, there would surely be embarrassing photos of me (in what I like to call “the fashion disaster years”) all over Facebook.  Even if they do end up out there at some point, I’m sure that I’ll be able to look past the embarrassment and appreciate the nostalgia of it all.

Ironically, nowadays, I almost never leave home without a camera because it is a part of the modern-day appendage…the smartphone.  Because of today’s technology, I have captured moments that I never would have dreamed of if I had to rely upon a bulky camera requiring film.  Although the photos already tend to have somewhat of the weathered look of older developed photos, at least I will be able to look back on them someday and relive a moment in time.  Of course, being a father of two children, there are many moments being captured on a high-quality camera as well.

This past week, my son was on spring break.  Since this is the last vacation time that he has before school lets out, we took the opportunity to do some fun things as a family.  It started with a trip to the Dallas Aquarium on Thursday, the Fort Worth Zoo on Friday and ended with the final hockey game of the regular season for the Texas Brahmas last night.

As we were walking through the crowded aquarium, my son was in awe of so many of the things that he saw.  I did my best to capture each moment with the camera.  As I was taking the pictures, it dawned on me that I experience things differently as a parent than I did when I was a kid.  I used to just live in the moment, never thinking that I may want to relive it through photos later on.  That is no longer the case.  While I do live in the moment and enjoy myself, I am also doing my best to capture it on film or video so that we can look back on it together as a family some day.

The spontaneous moments of day-to-day life are sometimes captured with the high quality camera, but more often than not, if they are captured at all, it is with the smartphone camera.  I’m not sure why I feel the need to capture virtually every family outing moment.  Part of me wants the kids to be able to remember what we did long after memory of the moment is faded by the passage of time.  But I think that it is more likely because I see that they are growing up so fast, and I want to do whatever I can to freeze the moments in time that go by so quickly.

Experiencing certain moments through a lens is a bit of a sacrifice, but capturing them is priceless because I get to relive them again and again with my family.  The smiles on their faces as they look at the pictures and say “remember when” makes capturing the moments all worthwhile!

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