Top 25 Hard Rock Rain and Storm Songs

In Music on October 28, 2012 at 4:25 pm

The world outside is eerily calm as we wait for what forecasters are calling a once-in-a-lifetime, perfect storm…Hurricane Sandy.  This thousand-mile wide storm is set rock the east coast like no storm that we have ever experienced before, and may likely never experience again in our lifetime.  There are tons of songs about rain and storms out there, but not as many hard rock songs as you might expect.

Since this is no ordinary storm, it deserves to be recognized with a unique hard rock song list to commemorate the moment that the forecasters predict we will be talking about for many years to come.

The following are the Top 25 Hard Rock Rain and Storm Songs listed alphabetically by artist…

AC/DC – “Thunderstruck”

Aerosmith – “Lightning Strikes”

Black Stone Cherry – “Rain Wizard”

Bullet For My Valentine – “Eye Of The Storm”

Dio – “Bring Down The Rain”

Dokken – “Lightning Strikes Again”

Guns N’ Roses – “November Rain”

Hinder – “Running In The Rain”

Iron Maiden – “Rainmaker”

Jack Starr’s Burning Starr – “Fire And Rain”

KISS – “God Of Thunder”

Led Zeppelin – “Fool In The Rain”

Nelson – “After The Rain”

Papa Roach – “Black Clouds”

Queensryche – “Another Rainy Night”

Queensryche – “Before The Storm”

REO Speedwagon – “Ridin’ The Storm Out”

Savatage – “Handful Of Rain”

Scorpions – “Rock You Like A Hurricane”

Soundgarden – “Black Rain”

The Storm – “Come In Out Of The Rain”

Theory Of A Deadman – “Hurricane”

Triumph – “Tears In The Rain”

Vandenberg – “Heading For A Storm”

Whitesnake – “Crying In The Rain”

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