Stairway to Heaven

In Family, Life on March 13, 2011 at 10:51 am

It’s hard to believe how many years it has been since I got to celebrate my father’s birthday with him.  Time really does fly by.  He would have turned 69 today if not for a tragic accident that took him from us way before his time.

As I was driving in the car this morning, “Stairway to Heaven” came on the radio.  Although it is a classic song that everyone knows, most of the lyrics are very cryptic, so it doesn’t evoke the same type of emotions as many other songs.

However, some of the lyrics stood out to me given the frame of mind that I am in today…

“It Makes Me Wonder”

I have thought about my father every single day since his passing, and I probably always will.  But his birthday always seems to be a time of reflection, and “it makes me wonder”

      Why we lost him in such a senseless way
      How different my life would be if he were still with us
    What it would be like for my kids to actually know him instead of knowing about him

“And the Forests Will Echo with Laughter”

When I’m not reflecting and wondering what might have been if he were still with us, I remember my father with a smile.  By sharing all of the funny stories about him with my kids, it allows them to get to know him as much as possible.

There was always a lot of laughter with my father, and I try my best to do the same with my kids.  I know that they would have laughed a lot if they were around him.  And they would have made him laugh just as hard.  No matter what the situation is, we always seem to have a house filled with laughter.  I have my father to thank for that.

“In the Long Run, There’s Still Time to Change the Road You’re on”

My father always had this calming effect on everyone.  He had a way of making you believe that everything would be okay.  As long as everyone had their health, he truly believed that the rest would work itself out in the end.

Since his passing, I have taken many roads.  Sometimes it has been the right road, sometimes is has been the wrong road.  Thanks to my father, I know that traveling down the wrong road is nothing more than a temporary setback.

“And as we Wind on Down the Road”

Life has not been the same since my father passed away.  Even the most joyous milestone moments have been bittersweet without him, and I imagine that it will always be that way.

His birthday is always one of the hardest days of the year, but I do what I can to honor his memory on this day every year.

Happy Birthday Dad!  I love you and miss you more than words can say!


  1. I am truly sorry for your loss, Adam. This time I do know how you feel…I lost my Daddy a bit over 2 years ago…he was THE one who got my humor, understood me, and offered me comfort. Now I am afraid to listen to the song, as I cry at even the remotest thought that stirs in my head. I had “Dance with my Father” played at Daddy’s funeral as I used to always dance on his toes, then later he was my dancing partner, even after I married. So, happy heavenly birthday, Mr. Waldman, and know you raised one helluva son!

  2. Such a beautiful tribute to your Dad! Today is St. Patrick’s Day and I will be thinking of my Dad. The world is a much different place without him and you are right about the milestones being bittersweet now. I miss sharing these moments with him, and how proud he always was of everything we did. My Dad always said that “Things Happen For The Best”. I will try to honor that wisdom, but him leaving too soon…I can find no “best” in that really. Maybe it is the “best memories” a daughter and family can have about a wonderful, wonderful dad!!

  3. This is beautiful, and I love this song to boot. Now when I hear and play it, it will always remind me of my father and yours too. I hope they get to meet up there, I’m sure they will. Thanks for sharing this with me, I really needed it and appreciate it. 🙂

    Brad Andersohn

  4. […] I thought about trying to make this post exactly 313 words in honor of this day, but decided against it because it would either be too short to fully describe my feelings, or too long to ramble on before sharing the post from last year that says it all –  Stairway to Heaven. […]

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