Fairly Legal – Thursday Nights – USA Network

In Television on February 10, 2011 at 5:52 pm

When you think of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, it is not likely that you wonder what else they do besides cheerleading…until now.

Sarah Shahi, a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader who grew up just minutes away from Cowboys Stadium, shines in her role as Kate Reed on Fairly Legal (a USA Network original program).

In the opening scene of the pilot episode, Reed is awoken by her cell phone and finds herself in bed with her soon-to-be-ex-husband, Assistant District Attorney, Justin Patrick (Michael Trucco).  The sexy Reed, wearing nothing but a men’s dress shirt, leaps out of bed disappointed in herself and Patrick for sleeping together again.

On Reed’s first day back at work after her father’s passing, the lawyer-turned-mediator shows off her skills as she successfully mediates an attempted armed robbery at a coffee shop between a gunman and the coffee shop owner.  Although it would seem implausible in real life, Shahi makes you believe that she could pull off such a feat if she actually found herself in a similar situation.

Whether she’s mediating a dispute between an armed robber and a store owner, a father and son involved in a business dispute, a wrongly-convicted man and the state of California, or a high school football coach and the parents calling for his dismissal, Shahi uses her even-keeled manner and flexes just the right amount of sex appeal to get the job done.

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