A Perfect Shade of Gray

In Family, Pursuit of Happiness on December 22, 2010 at 9:25 pm

As a native New Yorker, I have certain expectations when it comes to the weather around the holidays.  Needless to say, 84-degrees in Texas on the first day of winter fell far short of my expectations.  It felt wrong to be breaking a sweat while walking around wearing a short-sleeved shirt.  Turning on the air conditioner to cool the house was actually a bit depressing.  It’s hard enough getting into the holiday spirit being so far away from all of the traditions that that we were used to in New York; the balmy weather just made it that much more difficult.

While driving today, I noticed how perfectly gray the skies were.  Not a single beam of sunlight broke through the heavy cloud cover.  And though the temperature was still in the low 50’s, the gray skies and wind made it feel more like winter.  It’s still a far cry from the white Christmas that we had last year, but the hint of winter reminded me of home just the same.

It’s funny how much we take things for granted and then long for them when they are beyond our reach.

Living in New York, I always found snow to be a nuisance.  I dreaded shoveling and dealing with the bad road conditions.  My kids, on the other hand, reveled in every flake that fell from the sky.  And why not?  To them, snow meant sleigh riding, building a snowman, making snow angels, having snow ball fights, drinking hot chocolate with miniature marshmallows and missing school.

While my wife and I found yesterday’s summer-like weather to be depressing, it didn’t faze the kids at all.  The prospect of Santa Claus and presents keeps them fully immersed in the spirit of the holidays… regardless of the weather.  They gleefully count down the days until Christmas.  Each piece of chocolate from their advent calendars brings them one step closer to the moment that they have been anxiously awaiting.

The magic in the air around Christmas is something that I look forward to each year.  And though it hasn’t felt the same this year, I know that the joy on the kids’ faces on Christmas morning will make the magic happen…no matter what the weather is like outside.  In the end…that is all that really matters.


  1. Adam, You KNOW what a warm weather nut I am but I must admit…Christmas shopping in shorts is something I have never gotten used to. So while I LOVE the warm weather Naples has to offer, I am also thankful for the 4 days of cold weather we get every year around Christmas. Hope you have a FABULOUS holiday!

  2. It actually did snow a good amount last year on Christmas Eve and I had to drive home from Coppel in it and do some last minute shopping. We also got a foot of snow last year in March. Let me just tell you dealing with it still sucks. I do some times miss it at holiday time but last years snows were enough to slap me back into reality. I have always been a warm weather beach person – not cold weather lover like you. Shane and I were both always depressed come March in NY with threat of snows still around and in need to some sun and warmth. I cant remember when but our parents came to visit in January one year and we had plans to take them to San Antonio for the weekend – we had to cancel because we got snowed in – they could not belive it at the time.

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