Potty Training in 2 Hours!

In Family, Life Lessons, Pursuit of Happiness on January 26, 2010 at 7:13 am

Being the dad of a 3-yr old girl is a lot of fun.  She is always saying and doing things that leave me surprised and entertained.  However, 3-yr old girls can also be challenging and frustrating at times.  Somehow, she has managed to make the potty training experience surprising, entertaining, challenging and frustrating all at once.

She is much more interested in the rewards that come with being potty trained than she is with doing the actual work (I guess that she is like many adults in that way).  She is also very adult-like in her response when I ask her when she is going to go on the potty.  The answer is sometimes animated, sometimes delivered in a very matter-of-fact way, but always the same – “2 HOURS!” Suffice it to say, these have been the longest two hours of my life.

I am all about the bribes and the rewards to speed up this “2-hour” process.  My wife realizes that this method is not likely to produce results anytime soon, so she made the executive decision to let my daughter wear underwear around the house in the hopes that she will tell us when she has to use the potty.  While I know that this is probably the best approach, the thought of her having an accident on the carpet (or God forbid – the couch) makes me crazy.

My daughter loves wearing “big girl” underwear, but still has no desire to actually go on the potty (regardless of the rewards).  So far, we have learned that she can actually “hold it in” for much longer than we thought possible.  Unfortunately, when the moment of truth arrives, she just lets it fly and then calls for the maintenance crew (Mommy) to come and take care of it.

Yesterday, my daughter was seemingly trying to achieve the best of both worlds – wearing underwear with the protection of a diaper.  She came into the living room and told us that she put a wipe in her underwear.  I wanted her to take it out, but my wife thought that it was funny and didn’t think that there was anything wrong with it.  So far, my methods have produced no results, so I deferred to my wife on this one, even though I disagreed with the “wipe in the underwear” potty training method.

Leave it to my daughter to take my wife’s laughter as a sign of approval.  She went into her room and proudly came back to the living room with underwear that was now as bulky as a diaper.  I can only imagine what my daughter was thinking as she was stuffing her underwear with wipes…probably something like “Mommy is going to love this!”

I couldn’t help but laugh when my wife emerged from my daughter’s room with the final tally of wipes that she stuffed into her underwear – THIRTEEN! At that moment I knew for sure that potty training my daughter is going to take more than the two hours that she keeps promising.

  1. while in the house- leave her bottoms naked. It’s worked for me all 4 times

  2. I just had them sit on the potty & we read books until it happened…after that they just went on their own….2 hours sitting on the bathroom floor reading books wasn’t that much fun, but the reward was worth it!!! And it worked for #’s 1 & 2

    Good Luck!!

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