In the Blink of an Eye!

In Family, Pursuit of Happiness on January 8, 2010 at 10:21 am

When I met my wife (nearly 20 years ago), she already had a few nephews and one niece – an adorable little girl who always made me laugh.  I loved the way that she used her made-up words with such confidence, that you actually questioned whether the words had somehow eluded you throughout your years of education.  Amazingly, I still remember that time of her life as if were last week, yet the years in between are all a blur.

How is it possible that this adorable little girl is already an amazing young woman?  Where did the years go?  Somehow she went from making up funny words and making us all laugh, to going out to a club with us during her visit to Texas, and talking about her life and her plans for the future.  It all seems so surreal, like living inside of a movie where they have different actors playing the character in various stages of life so that you can see the back story leading up to the present day.

As I’m writing this, my little girl (who is the same age that my niece was when I met her) is sitting next to me, wrapped up in her TV show and snacks, drinking out of her sippy cup.  I never really thought about it until now, but she reminds me a lot of my niece, always making everyone smile in her own unique little way.  Part of me would love to freeze this moment in time (understandably so).

This is the age where my daughter really became “Daddy’s little girl.” I love the way that she climbs into my lap and lets me hold her.  I love the way that she lies on top of me on the couch, lovingly says “snuggly daddy,” in that adorable little voice, and eventually falls asleep.  I love the hugs that she gives me and tells me that “you’re the best daddy in the whole wide world.” To quote an Edwin McCain song that was played at our wedding…“these are the moments, I’ll remember all my life.”

Spending time with my niece this week, going out socially and seeing her all grown up has reminded me just how fast time goes by.  As much as I’d like to freeze this moment in time, I know that it’s not possible.  Before long, my little girl will grow up just like my niece has.  If we’re lucky, she’ll grow up to be as amazing as her cousin.  I only wish that there was a way to stop it from happening “in the blink of an eye!”

  1. ADAM!! Could Not Ask For More was one of our wedding songs too!! We went with Sara Evan’s version, but what a coincidence! That song is sooooo true for our lives too. It already was that way, but having Seth just made it moreso. It’s what I told Doug when we had our loss this year…anything else would be a bonus to my perfect life, but I could not ask for more! 🙂

    Get off the computer and go hug your daughter. I know I’m headed for Seth right now!

    • We seem to have a lot of similarities, so I’m not surprised that you had “I Could Not Ask For More” played at your wedding. I agree that having kids has only enhanced my feelings about the words to the song. Thanks for sharing, Beth.

  2. I so understand, every day Lauren seems to have matured so much from the day before, talking about boyfriends now OMG she is only 8, but apparently I do not remember this when I was 8, technically as she tells me she is almost 9, as if she is grown. But I am so happy at the end of the day she still wants to snuggle with her mom. I really miss the 3 year days, they seem so long ago. I am so glad you are enjoying this very special time with your daughter, she will appreciate it for all her life. I would give anything if Lauren’s dad would have been half the man you are when it comes to spending time with her, it’s all about fun and breaking the rules I try so hard to keep. And she doesn’t really ever even ask to go spend time with him, even when she is mad at me for making her do what she is suppose to. Your daughter is a very lucky little girl. You Rock!!!!

    • Thanks for the compliment, Jan. I’m glad to see that you can still have some of these moments with her even though she is almost 9. I guess that a lot of the what I am to my daughter has a lot to do with the way that my dad was with my siblings and me when we were younger.

  3. Adam, this one brought tears to my eyes as I am on the other side of parenthood from you. My youngest Chris went off to college this fall and our oldest, my step son Josh, is getting married this year! I remember so vividly when Chris was a little boy with sky blue eyes and a smile like sunshine. He still has those attributes but he is too big to sit in my lap(6’4″) and would not if he could…lol It is no longer as cool to be a mamas boy but he still loves on me a lot. Feel these years, every second, because you are correct, you cannot freeze them but you can enjoy every last moment of them! Your daughter sounds so adorable!

    • Thanks Vanessa. I have to admit that writing this with her by my side wasn’t the easiest thing to do because it made me deal with the fact that they grow up so quickly. She is adorable, and I am thoroughly enjoying this time of her life. I think that the blog will help because it will allow me to capture some of these moments and relive them later on with her. I can only imagine how hard it was for you to read this since you are already in the place that I’m trying to stave off.

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