If Only I Could Bottle It…

In Pursuit of Happiness on January 5, 2010 at 8:28 am

“I can’t find my yellow lizard anywhere!” were the first words that my 3-yr old daughter uttered this morning as she walked into my room. “I can’t find my yellow frog either. I’ll never find them!” was next. It wasn’t until she talked about her toys, asked for the TV to be put on and breakfast to be given to her that we got around to saying “good morning.” This is how our day typically starts off. My daughter goes from 0 to 60 like a Ferrari while I work on getting the engine started in the ’68 Chevy that is me.

Since I only have one 3-year old, and can’t remember what my son was like at that age, I have no basis for comparison, but I think that she’s somewhat unusual (in a good way).  While her burst of morning energy usually leaves my head spinning and exhausts me in my attempt to keep up with her, I find myself thinking…“If only I could bottle this energy – I’d make a fortune!”

This past weekend, my wife and I actually went out to a dance club (a very rare occurrence).  I never was much of a drinker, even in my college days, so I had no plans on drinking at the club.  Besides, someone needed to be the designated driver – a role that I’ve gladly accepted since I’ve had my license.

For some reason, it always feels odd standing around in a club without a drink in hand, so I bought an energy drink called “Full Throttle.”  I had been up early that morning, and we were out at a time when we’re usually sleeping, so I was looking for an energy boost.  It was ok and did keep me awake for a little while, but when it started to wear off, I felt like I was crashing.  Luckily, I was already home at the time.

Out of curiosity, I looked up the ingredients of Full Throttle and found some interesting information on Wikipedia.  First of all, it is produced by the Coca-Cola Company.  It is basically just a heavily caffeinated, high caloric, citrus flavored soda loaded with sugar.  Not exactly the ideal beverage to drink in my pursuit of health, especially when the syrup for Full Throttle is classified as “hazardous material.”

While I’m not usually at clubs late at night, I do seem to hit the proverbial wall every afternoon.  I’d love to have more energy, but not at the cost of pumping myself full of caffeine and sugar.  In my pursuit of health, I discovered a natural energy drink that recently came on the market.  It is being shipped to me now.  Once I try it, I’ll write about my experience with it.  Hopefully it will be as good as advertised.  If it is, I better make sure to keep it out of my daughter’s hands – unless, of course, I’d like to relive my youth and star in an episode of “Ricochet Rabbit!”…BING, BING, BING!

  1. LMAO, me too! Please let us know when it comes in and you try it. I am on a total health kick myself, having taken salt, sugar, dairy and bread out completely and only drinking water and the 1 cup of morning coffee that I cannot seem to function without. I also hit an afternoon wall and would love some help over it, but not at the cost of more nerve cells and brain cells…

    • I will definitely let you know how it goes Vanessa. I’ve heard really good things about it, but I want to see for myself before recommending it to others. Seems like you have nothing left but oxygen in your current diet…lol. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Hey Adam..she sounds like Kelly. She has been on the move with a motor-mouth since she graced our presence. As my father says, “ain’t no flies on her”…I would love to say enjoy it while it lasts..but it just gets more pronounced, so I will just say ‘good luck with that’ LOL

    A guy I work with used to drink red bull, but now he drinks 5-Hour Energy. It’s a small bottle but it’s chock full of vitamins. He says it works great and so far, he hasn’t been sick this winter – while all of us around him have been. Worth a shot. I usually just have a cup of tea around 3:30 and that seems to help.

    Good luck!!

    • I’ve heard that 5-hour Energy Drink is decent, but I’ve also heard of some people getting kind of jittery on it. Once I try the new one, I will try that to compare it before I write about it.

      I’ll have a cup of coffee every now and then in the afternoon, but I would like to start limiting my caffeine and doing it in a more natural way if possible.

      You’re scaring me about this not being something that my daughter will grow out of. I think that I’ll be hitting the energy drinks hard if this is only going to get more intense. 🙂

  3. I can totally appreciate what you are saying. 🙂 Oh…and please feel free to post a few photo’s to your blog. Would love the visuals! 🙂

    • Thanks Gina. I will work on visuals as the blog progresses. I’m still getting the hang of using the WordPress features. I figure at this point, just getting my thoughts out there will do until I master this (one more thing to add to my list for the year…lol).

  4. Your daughter sounds so much like Lauren it is funny. I too had never really been around a 3 year old, but Lauren came home from the hospital that way. Every since she was born she has been on 11. She was walking by 8 months, talking since then as well not always clearly but yet babbling on and on and as you know she still does. (I cannot imagine where she gets that from) But she goes from 0-60 in seconds, and my engine is a few years older than you but I like to think of myself as as 1960 Corvette (LOL). She is adorable though and I love the fact that they have these out there personalities, it’s pretty cool.
    Let me know about that energy drink, I can honestly say I have never even had a redbull, they frighten me.

    • I know that you know the feeling of trying to keep up with a little race car. It is a lot of fun, but at times, you feel like you just need to catch your breath to keep up with them. I’ll definitely let you know about the energy drink once I’ve tried it.

  5. Redbull is known to take the enamel off your teeth…eak! That 5 hour energy stuff is advertised as a “healthier” version and does not make you crash. I heard it tastes like poo but you might give it a shot 🙂 Of course there’s always that boring goody goody alternative called exercise…hee hee!

    • I don’t really like Redbull anyway, but now you’ve made me like it even less. As I mentioned above, I will try 5 hour energy to compare to the other product before I write about it. You’ve done quite a good job selling it with the “tastes like poo” comment. 🙂 As far as exercise is concerned, that has already been added. You may have to go back and look at the older posts. I walked 7 miles one day, and have been doing several miles per day ever since. 🙂

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